Tibetan Refugee Settlements:

Soon after the first refugees started coming to India, the Department of Home was established to coordinate the immediate relief assistance for them and to find a long term solution for the resettlement of refugees. The resettlement of refugees also involves providing basic amenities and adequate source of livelihood.


There are 44 Tibetan settlement Offices functioning directly under the jurisdiction of Department of Home across India, Nepal, Bhutan and the welfare and interests of these settlements are looked after by their respective Representative or welfare officers. The settlements are primarily assisted by the Government of India and other voluntary aid organizations.

Click (Settlement Map) for the Location of Tibetan Settlements. It looks after 15 agriculture-based settlements, 19 Handicraft based settlements and 13 cluster and scattered communities in India and Nepal. All of the 7 communities in Bhutan are agriculture based communities.

Sr. No: CRO/Settlement Offices Sr. No: CRO/Settlement Offices Sr. No: CRO/Settlement Offices
1 Chief Representative Office (C.R.O.), Bengaluru, K.S. 2 Chief Representative Office (C.R.O.), Sonamling, Ladakh 3 Chief Representative Office (C.R.O.), Shimla, H.P.
4 Bir Dege 5 Bir Tibetan Society, Bir 6   Bir Nangchen, Chauntra
7 Dickyi Larsoe, Bylakuppe 8 Phuntsokling, Dalhousie 9 Darjeeling, West Bengal
10 Norgyeling, Bandhara 11 Dekyiling, Dehradun 12 Samyeling, Delhi
13 Dharamsala 14 Gangtok, Sikkim 15 Doeguyulgyeling, Herbertpur
16 Rabgyeling, Hunsur 17 Kalimpong, West Bengal 18 Dhondeling, Kollegal
19 Palrabling, Kullu 20 Kamrao 21 Lugsung Samdupling, Bylakuppe
22 Phendeling, Mainpat 23 Choephelling, Miao 24 Doeguling, Mundgod
25 Phuntsokling, Odisha 26 Mandi, Pandoh 27 Paonta Cholsum
28 Puruwala Sakya 29 Kunphenling, Ravangla 30 Sataun
31 Shillong, Meghalaya 32 Bonshi, Dolanji 33 Tashiling, Sonada
34 Tenzingang, Arunachal Pradesh 35 Dhargyeling, Tezu 36 Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh
37 Bhutan 38 Choejor, Nepal 39 Shawara, Nepal
40 Gyalphak, Nepal 41 Lodrik, Nepal 42 Tashiling, Nepal
43 Tashi Palkhiel, Nepal 44 Jwalakhel, Samdupling Nepal
Details of Tibetan Settlement Offices in India, Nepal and Bhutan
Sr. No: CRO/Settlement Offices CRO/Settlement Officer’s Name Email ID
1 C.R.O. Bengaluru Jigme Tsultrim [email protected]
2 C.R.O. Sonamling, Ladakh Dhondup Tashi [email protected]
3 C.R.O. Shimla Tsewang Phuntsok [email protected]
4 Bir Dege, Bir Kunchok Lhamo [email protected]
5 Bir Tibetan Society, Bir Karma Namgyal [email protected]
6 Bir Chauntra, Chauntra Meri Kyab [email protected]
7 Dickyi Larsoe, Bylakuppe Chemi Dorjee [email protected]
8 Phuntsokling, Dalhousie Phurbu Tsering [email protected]
9 Darjeeling, West Bengal Phuntsok Topgyal [email protected]
10 Norgyeling, Bandhara Dhondup Sangpo [email protected]
11 Dekyiling, Dehradun Dhondup Gyalpo [email protected]
12 Samyeling, Delhi Dorje Tsering [email protected]
13 TSO Dharamsala Kunchok Migmar [email protected]
14 TSO Gangtok, Sikkim Lhakpa Tsering [email protected]
15 Doegu Yulgyelling, Herbertpur Dolma Tsering [email protected]
16 Rabgyeling, Hunsur Tenzin Dadon [email protected]
17 Kalimpong, West Bangal Karma Gelek [email protected]
18 Dhondenling, Kollegal Gelek Jungney [email protected]
19 Palrabling, Kullu Tsultrim Dorjee [email protected]
20  Kamrao Rapten Tsering [email protected]
21 Lugsung Samdupling, Bylakuppe Guru Nyima [email protected]
22 Phendeling, Mainpat Tsewang Yangtso [email protected]
23 Miao, Choepheling Tenzin Tsangpa [email protected]
24 Doeguling, Mundgod Lhakpa Dolma [email protected]
25 Phuntsokling, Odisha Khenpo Pema Tenphel [email protected]
26 TSO Mandi, (Pandoh) Tenzin Tsultem [email protected]
27 Paonta Cholsum Gelek Jamyang [email protected]
28 Puruwala Sakya Tenzin Namgyal [email protected]
29 Kunphenling, Ravangla  Dorjee Rinzin [email protected]
30 Kham Katok, Sataun Sonam Wangdue [email protected]
31 Shillong, Mehgalaya Tenzin Samten [email protected]
32 Bonshi, Solan (Dolanji) Tenzin Choephel [email protected]
33 Tashiling, Sonada Tenzin Rangdol [email protected]
34 Tenzingang, Arunachal Pradesh Tenzin Rinchen [email protected]
35 Dhargyeling, Tezu Kunga Jigme [email protected]
36 Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh Dechen Wangpo [email protected]
Sr. No: Settlement Offices Settlement Officer’s Name Email ID
1 Choejor (Boudha & Jorpati) Phurbu Tashi [email protected]
2 Shawara Tsering Dolma [email protected]
3 Gyalsa phakshing Karma Soepa Thinlay [email protected]
4 Lodrik Tashi Dorjee [email protected]
5 Tashiling Yeshi Choedon [email protected]
6 Tashi Palkhiel Tashi Tsetan [email protected]
7 Jawalakhel, Samdupling Lodoe Sangpo [email protected]
Sr.No:. Settlement Office Settlement Officer’s Name Email ID
1 Bhutan Dorjee Gyalpo [email protected]
[email protected]