ChoeJor, Boudha


The Tibetans in Nepal Choejor enjoy a democratic system of governance and on 2nd April 2004 they were successful in appointing a democratically elected leader in accordance with the the rules laid down in The Charter of the Tibetans in Exile.

Settlement Location

The settlement is situated at the height of 1350 meters above the sea level. The weather condition in the area varies from season to season. In summer it is quite pleasant where as in monsoon there is a heavy downpour and in winter the weather conditions are quite even.

Settlement Population

At present there are in total about 3996 population listed under the Tibetan settlement office.both the Choejor Boudha and Jorpati have their own respective Tibetan Freedom Movement. There are Nepal Boudha, Jorpati, Trishuli and Lumbini under the jurisdiction of the Tibetan Settlement office of Choejor.

Facilities in the settlement

School Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School
Namgyal Higher Secondary school
Health facilities

2 Tibetan Healthcare centre

1 Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute

Monastery 30  Monasteries
Nepal Audit Branch

Traveling Guide

Nearest Air port Kathmandu (3.6 kms away)
Bus and Taxi services Yes
Contact Address

Settlement Office
Boudha & Jorpati
C/o P.O. Box No. 164
Kathmandu – NEPAL