Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh



Tibetan Settlement, Tuting was established in the year 2013. It is situated in the District of Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh. There are 17 villages under the Tibetan Settlement Office, Tuting. It is about 150 Km from the town of Yingkong to Tuting. The weather condition here is very cold during winter and extremely hot in summer. The most difficult part is our road construction. During summer due to the heavy rains narrow road get blocked and villagers have to walk all the way from Tuting to their respective places.

All the Arunachal Pradesh states are classified under a protected area, where foreigners and other inland people are not permitted to enter without the inner land permit or PAP, as it comes under the North-Eastern borders of India.

Settlement Population

Present population

Settlement Livelihood

With the passing of time, the population increased to 1160 people with 245 families in the settlement. All the families are primarily dependent on agriculture. This settlement has a total area of 1838.89 acres of the land for farming, housing, roads, government school, and other purposes.

The agricultural products of this settlement are paddy, maize, millet, potatoes and vegetables during the summer season. During the winter season the people are farming rice, beans and vegetables, etc. The villagers do not engage in farm for commercial purpose but farm only for individual purpose.

Facilities in the settlement

School No school under CTA
Health facilities

One primary health care center

One Tibetan Institute for Medical and Astrology

Monastery There are monasteries within every village
Elderly people home No OPH

Administrative setup

Tibetans Settlement Tuting has two government associations that are Local Tibetan Assembly and Tibetan Freedom Movement (BRDL). There are also some non-governmental associations like Chime Yangsang Welfare Society Pemakod, Women’s Association and Apa Tsokpa.

Tuting Tibetan Refugee Settlement

Settlement Officer Mr. RAPTEN TSERING
Tibetan Settlement Office,
Podong Basti,
P.O. Tuting - 792061
District Upper Siang
Arunachal Pradesh - INDIA

Phone: +91-9402435302
Note: As per email received on 17-Nov-2015.