Dekyiling, Dehradun


Tibetan Settlement Office Dehradun was established in the year 1978. The office is located inside Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement, Village – Kirsali, Sahastradhara Road, P.O. Kulhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand State. It has a staff posted from C.T.A. Dharamsala (H.P.) as under:-

  • Dehradun TSO in the rank of Joint Secretary
  • Khathor Secretary
  • Dekyiling Secretary
  • Office Accountant
  • Peon
  • Driver ( Rangkhong staff )

The Office is 12 kms away from the main city of Dehradun.  It’s located at the height of 450 mtrs above sea level. The average temperature of the area is 35.23° Celsius during summer and 21.6° Celsius during winter with an average annual rainfall of 207.32 cms.

Settlement Location:

Dekyling Tibetan settlement is located at 12km away from the Dehradun city of Uttarakhand state. The settlement is at a height of 2730.10ft above mean sea level. The average temperature of the place is 22.05° to 33° Celsius during Summer and 21° to 8.05° Celsius during Winter with average annual rainfall of 15-20 cm per year. SAHASTRADHARA, a famous pilgrimage place for Indians is about 6 km away from it.

Travel from Dehradun to places like Delhi, Nepal, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Dharamsala, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi etc. are fairly at reasonable reach.

Settlement Population

Initial population
Present population

Settler’s livelihood:

The sources of livelihood of the Tibetan Refugees are petty business during summer and sweater/garment business during winter seasons.  They also run small shops and restaurants in their respective settlements.

Facilities in the settlement

  • Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie.
  • Central School for Tibetans, Mussoorie.
  • Tibetan Homes Foundation (Branch School), Rajpur.
  • Tibetan Homes Foundation (Branch -Day Scholar), Dekyiling.
  • Tibetan Homes Foundation (Branch -Preprimary), Dekyiling.
  • Tibetan Homes Foundation (Branch – Preprimary) Tsering Dhonden.
  • Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Ling Ghesar Primary School, Maduwala.
  • Tibetan Homes Foundation (Branch School, Gohri Mafi)
Health facilities
  • Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre, Dekyiling.
  • Health Clinic, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Health Clinic, Rabtenling, Dharawali.
  • Health Clinic, Lingtsang, Manduwala.
  • Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, Dekyiling.
  • Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, TWC, Rajpur.
  • Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Mindroling Monastery, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Tashi Kyil Monastery, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Dechen Chokhorling Monastery, Dhondupling, Clement Town.
  • Dzogchen Shri Singh Thekchen Dongag Choeling, Manduwala.
  • Palpung Kunkhyab Choeling, Lingtsang, Manduwala.
  • Ngor Ewam Choden, Manduwala.
  • Sakya College for Nuns, Manduwala.
  • Za Mongyal Yundrungling, Manduwala.
  • Lhodrak Thikchi Monastery, Dekyiling.
  • Sachen School, Dekyiling.
  • Drikung Kagyue Jangchubling Monastery, Kulhan.
  • Drikung Kagyue Institute, Kulhan.
  • Songtsen Library, Kulhan.
  • Sakya Centre, Rajpur Road.
  • Sakya College, Rajpur, Mussoorie Road.
  • Sakya Dolma Phodrang, Rajpur.
  • Sakya Academy, Purkul Road, Bhagwantpur, Dehradun.
  • SamtenTse Nunnery, Mussoorie Road.
  • Sakya Phujntsokling, Dunda, Uttarkashi.
  • Depung Gomang Gaden Kunkyobling, Nainital.
Co-operative Society The settlement has handicraft center with few public service section, shops, Telephone Booth.

Administrative setup


The Settlement Officer who is appointed by the Central Tibetan administration, Dharamshala (H.P) is the overall in-charge of all the Settlements in Dehradun areas in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh state in all spheres ranging from maintaining law and order to development and poverty alleviation work.  He acts as a link between CTA, State and Central Government and any other NGO concerned.  Under him, there are Elected Group Leaders headed by Camp Leaders, local Representative/Secretary in every settlement and scattered communities.  All activities are implemented through these camp leaders & local representatives under the instructions & guidance of Settlement Officer.  Settlement Officer takes all major decisions in consultation with the Camp Leaders and is the most important link between the settlement office and the community.

Following are the other CTA branch offices & NGOs located in various Tibetan Settlement
  • Tibetan Local Justice Commission located at Dekyiling.
  • Office of Audit General (Branch), located at Dekyiling.
  • Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre, located at Dekyiling.
  • Men-Tse-Khang Branch located each at Dekyiling, Raipur & Clement Town.
  • Ngoenga School, located behind D.K Institute at Kulhan.
  • Dekyiling Tibetan Local Assembly.
  • Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, branch office in all settlement & scattered areas.
  • Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (T.Y.C), established at the settlements.
  • Regional Tibetan Women’s Association (T.W.A), established in all the settlements.

There are six major Tibetan Settlements and five scattered Tibetan Communities in Uttarakhand State including a small group of Tibetan Community at Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh State under the jurisdiction of Dehradun Tibetan Settlement Office.  These Settlements are as under:

a) Six Major Settlements:
  • Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement, Sahastradhara Road
  • TNMF Dhondupling Settlement, Clement Town
  • Kham Lingtsang Settlement, Manduwala
  • Tsering Dhondhen Settement, Nalapani Raipur
  • Gepheling Settlement, Village Tarla Nagar, Sahastradhara Road.
  • Rapten-Ling Dharawali.
b) Five scattered Tibetan Communities:
  • Tibetan Women Centre Handicraft & scattered Communities at Rajpur
  • Mussoorie
  • Haridwar
  • Nainital
  • Saharanpur (U.P).
Brief Introduction to various Tibetan Settlement: