Kham Kathok, Sataun


Kham Kathok Tibetan Society, Sataun was established in 1965 with an initial population of 225 and it is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Indian Government.This society has been administered by Managing Committee headed by elected President of the society till 1982 but later the administration of the society was handed over to the Central Tibetan Administration and manage by Representative of Central Tibetan Administration.

Settlement location:

This settlement is located at the remote Indian village of Sataun and it is at the distance of 16 Kms from nearest town Paonta Sahib of Sirmour Distt, Himachal Pradesh.It is situated at the end of two small valleys and surrounded by low hills.

Settlement Population

Initial population
Present population

No. of villages in the settlement:

The Society has 39 families and families are group into two small camps.

Settlers livelihood:

Initially two large dehydrated lime kilns were started as main source of living for the settlers but due to managerial inexperience and lack of working capital, it failed and had to closed down in March 1972. Since then, the prominent livelihood of the settlers are seasonal petty business and weaving carpet at societies handicraft center.

Facilities in the settlement:

School One kindergarten school
Health facilities One small health clinic
Periodic visit of mobile clinic from the nearby health center
Monastery Khathok Thekchok Namdrolling Nyingma Monastery.
Co-operative Society Handicraft Center

Administration setup:

CTA Representative:
The settlement officer appointed by the Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala is the over all incharge of the settlement in all spheres ranging from maintaining law and order to development works of the societies under policy and guidance of CTA. By nature of his work he is the president of the Managing Committee and liaison between Central Tibetan Administration and setters.

Local Assembly:
The resident of societies directly elect their Local Assembly and the actual term of the members are of five years. During their term they hold session twice in a year and they can raise the question to the settlement officer of CTA. The settlement officer takes all major decisions with consents of local Tibetan Assembly and Managing Committee.

Traveling guide:

Nearest railway station Dehradun 70 km
Nearest airport Chandigarh 130 km
Bus and Taxi services Paonta Sahib 20 Km

Contact address:

Settlement Office
Kham Kathok Tibetan Society
P.O. Sautan – 173029,
District Sirmour,
Himachal Pradesh
Tel: +91-01704-262413


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