Tashiling, Sonada


The Tashiling Tibetan ettlement was established in 1965 on a total area of 21.537 acreas of land.

Settlement location:

Darjeeling Sonada Tibetan settlement is situated in the Sonada 17Km from Darjeeling town on the main road of Darjeeling-Siliguri highway. The place is at the height of 6800 feet above sea level with an average temperature of 38° Celsius.

Settlement Population

Initial population
Present population

No. of villages:

The settlement consist of one camp/village.

Settler’s livelihood:

The main source of livelihood for the settlers are traditional apron weaving and petty business etc.

Facilities in the settlement:

School 1. One model school upto Class Xth std.
2. one créche
Health facilities One modern allopathic dispensary
Monastery There are three monasteries:1. Dechenling monastry
2. Samdup Dhargyal Choeling
3. Sharpa Gonpa

Administrative setup:

CTA Representative:
This settlement has a Representative office of the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala. The Representative officer is the principle post of CTA to look after the overall running of affairs in the settlement under the policy and guidance of CTA.

The Representative acts as the liaison between the settlement and the Department of Home (CTA) and is the main source of information on CTA’s policy for the settlers. Daily task for the representative ranges from adjudicating disputes to communicating with group leaders and outside authorities, and generally watching over the running of all aspects of the settlement.

Local Assembly:
The settlement possess an elected Local Assembly members who represents the settlers.The actual terms for these members is five years and every year they hold the twice session with Representative. During the session they can raise the questions and discuss on important issues concerning the settlement with the Representative. These members are chosen on the basis of his/her strength of personality and once ability to stand before the interest of the settlement.

Traveling guide:

Nearest Railway Station Siliguri 65 Km from settlement
Nearest Airport Bakroda 83 Km from settlement
Bus and taxi services available

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