Yangchen Gatselling, Shimla


Initially a group of Tibetans in Shimla representing the three provinces of Tibet (U-Tsang, Dotoe & Domey) called as Chikdril-Tsokpa (United Organization) started the Tibetan Handicraft Center in Shimla on 1st October, 1965 at a place called Summer Hill. Later the center was shifted to the present location at Saraswati Garden Estate, lower Panthagati by purchasing a land of area 48.12 Bhigas. The center was then registered on 7th March, 1973 under the Indian Registration Society Act XXI of 1860 and hence renamed as Tibetan Refugees Self Help Handicraft Society (TRSHHS) with the help of Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamshala.  It was later officially handed over to the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration on 13th February, 1981.

Until the handling of the TRSHHS under the Department of Home, all the administrative function was run by the Managing Director of the society. After the handling, the title was changed to Tibetan Welfare Officer cum Managing Director. Later due to the need of time the title was hence changed to Tibetan Settlement Officer cum Managing Director till 2017. Realizing the importance of its responsibilities at the state level and Shimla being the Capital of Himachal Pradesh state, the title of the office is upgraded to Chief Representative cum Managing Director since 26th December, 2017.


Tibetan settlement under the Chief Representative Office, Shimla is located at 31.1⁰ North latitude, 77.17⁰ East longitude and 1959 meters elevation above the sea level. The average temperature over the course of year ranges from -4° C in winter to 31° C in summer with 1480mm/58.3 Inches as the average annual rainfall.

Settlement Population

Initial population
Present population


The main source of income of the settlement residents is through sweater selling business during winter while engaging in other petty businesses during summer. On the other hand, weavers and other staffs of the handicraft society also engage in sweater selling business during winter while contributing at the handicraft society in summer by weaving carpets and making product sales such as carpets, prayer flags and noodles.

Facilities in the settlement:

  • One Boarding cum day school upto +2 standard with 35 staff
  • Two pre-primary schools (STSS Kasumpti & STSS Sanjauli)
  • One primary health care center
  • Two Monasteries
  • One old people’s home managed by Namgyal Monastery Dharamsala

Administrative setup:

CTA Representative:
Tibetan Welfare officer Cum Managing Director of the Handicraft Center is sole representative deputed by the Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala at the area. He is the overall incharge of the maintaining law and order to socio-economic development at the region in all aspects under policy and guidance of CTA. This office also acts as a liaison between CTA, settlers and other outside authority.

Local Assembly:
The Tibetans at the area possess an elected Local Assembly members and these members represents the tibetan settlers. The local Assembly members hold session with CTA Representative twice in year and during the session they can raise questions and discuss on important issue in the assembly. CTA Representative takes all major decisions in consultation with the local Assembly members.

Number of settlement under CRO:
  1. Tibetan Self-Help Handicraft Society Settlement
  2. Tibetan Settlement
  3. Kharapathar Settlement
  4. Sangey Choeling Settlement
  5. Rangzen Camp Settlement
  6. Ladaki Mohalla Settlement
  7. Nabha House Settlement
  8. Bus stand Settlement
  9. Solan Settlement
  10. Roll of Honor
    Managing Directors (Tibetan Refugee Self Help Handicraft Society)
    S. No. Name Period
    From To
    1 Sh. Amdo Rinchen 01-10-1965 20-03-1973
    2 Phuntsok Tashi 20-03-1973 30-07-1979
    3 Sh. Passang Dhondup 30-07-1979 15-09-1981
    4 Sh. N.D. Gyalpo 1609-1981 01-07-1983
    5 Sh. T.T. Karma Choephel 01-04-1981 01-07-1983
     Tibetan Welfare Officers cum Managing Directors 
    6 Sh. Sonam Topgyal 01-07-1983 08-07-1986
    7 Sh. Passang Tsering 08-07-1986 05-09-1988
    8 Sh. K.K. Wangchuk 06-09-1988 30-09-1991
    9 Dapon (Retd) Jamyang Tsering 30-09-1991 30-06-1993
    10 Sh. L.D. Cheme Dorjee 01-07-1993 14-10-1994
    11 Sh. Tashi Norbu 15-10-1994 05-08-1997
    12 Sh. Dawa Dorjee 06-08-1997 31-07-2001
    13 Dapon (Retd) Kunga Dorjee 01-08-2001 15-07-2005
    14 Ms. Tenzin Kunsang (Act.) 16-07-2005 06-12-2005
    15 Sh. Ngawang Yonten 07-12-2005 17-07-2009
    16 Sh. Tenzin Namgyal (Act.) 18-07-2009 09-08-2009
    17 Sh. Tenzin Ngodup 10-08-2009 12-09-2009
    18 Sh. Dhondup Gyalpo 01-10-2009 13-12-2010
    19 Ms.Tenzin Kunsang 14-12-2009 14-11-2010
    Tibetan Settlement Officers cum Managing Directors
    20 Sh. Tenzin Choejay 15-11-2010 31-01-2012
    21 Sh. Tsering Tashi 01-02-2012 16-05-2016
    22 Sh. Tenzin Tsultem (Act.) 17-05-2016 26-06-2016
    23 Dapon (Retd) Tsewang Dorjee 27-06-2016 19-03-2017
    24 Sh. Tenzin Norbu 20-03-2017 25-12-2017
    25 Sh. Tenzin Norbu 26-12-2017



Nearest Railway station Available 1 km
Nearest airport NA
Bus and Taxi services Yes
Contact address

Chief Representative Office

Central Tibetan Administration
Panthagati, P.O. Kasumpti
Himachal Pradesh
Phone Number: 0177-2621538
Email: [email protected], [email protected]