Want the contacts of all the Tibetan offices in Exile. we got it!

Contact Us:

The Secretary,
Department of Home, (CTA)
Gangchen Kyishong
P.O. Dharamsala – 176215
District Kangra,
Himachal Pradesh,
Tel: +91 (01892) 222412 / 222214
Fax: +91 (01892) 225065

MINISTER བཀའ་བློན། [email protected]
Executive SECRETARY དྲུང་ཆེ། [email protected]
Additional SECRETARY དྲུང་འཕར། [email protected] (Agri – Coop, and Welfare section)
Additional SECRETARY དྲུང་འཕར། [email protected] (Administration section)
S# Divisions ཚན་པ། Sections E-mails
I Administration འཛིན་གཞིས། 1) Gen’l Administration & Settlement
Office Coordinators
2) Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014
1) [email protected]

2) [email protected]

རྩིས་ཁང་། Account [email protected]
ནང་ཞིབ། Internal Audit [email protected]
འཆར་འགོད། Planning & Development [email protected]
ས་ཁང་བདག་གཉེར། Housing & Estate [email protected]
II Agriculture སོ་ནམ། Agriculture [email protected]
མཉམ་འབྲེལ། Cooperative [email protected]
III Welfare ཉམ་ཐག་རོགས་སྐྱོར། Poverty Alleviation [email protected]
རྒས་གསོ་ཁང་། Old People’s Home
ན་གཞོན་རོགས་སྐྱོར། Youth Empowerment Support [email protected]