Tibetan Settlements in Bhutan

Soon after the first refugees started coming to India, the Department of Home was established to coordinate the immediate relief assistance for them and to find a long term solution for the resettlement of refugees. The resettlement of refugees also involves providing basic amenities and adequate source of livelihood.


Towards the end, the Department of Home has established 44 Tibetan settlement offices in India, Nepal, Bhutan and the welfare and interests of these settlements are looked after by their respective Representative or welfare officers. The settlements are primarily assisted by the Government of India and other voluntary aid organizations.

Bhutan Settlement Office administers and overlooks the seven Tibetan settlements under its jurisdiction in Bhutan that are based either on agriculture or Agro industries as listed under.


Problems and goals:

One of the greatest problems in the settlements is that the population is rapidly growing, due to the number of births in the community and the steady streams of new refugees, which has increased since 1980 when travel restrictions from Tibet became more relaxed. This has put strain on the already fragile economy and infrastructure of the settlements and the housing, sanitation, health clinics, schools and other facilities are no longer equipped to deal with the number of people in the settlements.

Please visit the separate listings for settlements in Nepal and India.