Tibetan Settlement Officer Gelek Jamyang Greets HP Power Minister Sukhram Chaudhary on Diwali

Paonta Sahib: Paonta Cholsum Tibetan Settlement Officer Gelek Jamyang, on the occasion of Diwali, greeted Shri Sukhram Chaudhary, Himachal Pradesh Power Minister, and thirty other influential Indian personalities of the Paonta Sahib and Nahan region with traditional Tibetan ceremonial scarves and sweets to strengthen the relationship with the local Indian people. 

Following are the list of individuals visited by the Settlement Officer on the occasion of Diwali-

  1. Shri Sukhram Chaudhary, Power Minister Govt of Himachal Pradesh
  2. Shri Baldev Singh Tomar, President of Civil Supply Corporation, Govt of H.P
  3. Shri Ram Kumar Gautam, IAS  D.C
  4. Smt Sonakshi Singh Tomar, IAS ADC
  5. Shri Kirnesh Jung, Former MLA
  6. Smt. Babita Rana. Add. S.P
  7. Shri Vivek Arora,  Distt. Welfare Officer
  8. Shri Vivek Majan , SDM
  9. Shri Bir Bhadur, DSP
  10. Shri Ved Prakash Agnihotri, Tehsildar
  11. Shri Sanjiv Sehgal, CMO
  12. Shri Ashok Chauhan, SHO
  13. Shri Bedi, Naib Tehsildar
  14.  Shri Ravi Joshi, BDO
  15. Shri Ajay Deol, BMO
  16. Shri Ninay Gupta, BJP Distt. President
  17. Smt Nirmal Kaur, Chairman, MC
  18. Shri O P Kataria, Vice Chairman, MC
  19. Shri Arvind Gupta, President BJP Paonta
  20. Shri Dilip Kumar, SDO. PWD
  21. Shri Dr. Madan Lal Khurana, President Indo-Tibetan Friendship Society
  22. Shri Gita Ram Thakur, Gen Sec ITFS
  23. Shri Aninder Singh Notty, President of Vypar Mandal
  24. Shri Rakesh , Panchayat Pradhan
  25. Shri Gumal Singh, Panchayat Vice Pradhan
  26. Shri Mukesh Kumar, SDO Electricity
  27. Shri Amit, JE Electricity
  28. Shri Narinder Pal Singh Narang, Director, The Scholars Home School
  29. Shri Aswani, President Block Congress
  30. Shri Kulwant Singh Chaudhary, Former Gurudra Manager
  31. Shri Gogna , Panchayat Sec

*Diwali or dīpāvali (The festival of lights) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals, which is celebrated in the month of Kartika (a month in the Hindu calendar that typically overlaps October and November). The occasion symbolises the victory of good over evil and is celebrated over five days. There are various legends behind the celebration of Diwali, and the most popular one goes as Diwali marks the day Rama, Sita and Lakshmana return to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. Others trace the festival’s origin to the Mahabharata, where Diwali is marked by the return of the five Pandavas from their exile in the forest after losing all their possessions in a deceitful game of dice against the cunning Kauravas. 

According to Jain scriptures, Diwali is observed to mark the significance of Lord Mahavira’s enlightenment. Sikhs also celebrated the day as Bandi Chorh Diwas (Day of Liberation), marking the day that the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib and 52 other prisoners were released from captivity by the emperor Jahangir. 

-Report filed by Paonta Cholsum Tibetan Settlement Office

From top left to bottom right: Ashok Chauhan, Naib Tehsildar, Bir Bhadur, Rajesh Pal, Ram Kumar Gautam, Ravi Joshi

From top left to bottom right: Ved Prakash Agnihotri, Sanjiv Sehgal, Vivek Majan, Smt Nirmal Kaur & Shri O P Kataria, Sonakshi Singh Tomar, Smt. Babita Rana

From top left to bottom right: Kulwant Singh Chaudhary, Baldev Singh Tomar, Gogna, Kirnesh Jung