Overview of COVID-19 response measures in Gangtok Tibetan Settlement

Dharamshala: Heeding the call of the Kashag, Tibetan community and monasteries of Gangtok have contributed Rs 13,58,791 to Chief Minister’s COVID-19 relief fund and distributed dry rations and other relief packages to the needy and destitute people in and around the settlement.

Ngor Monastery distributed dry rations worth 2 lakh to destitute Indians. Sakya Tashi Choling Trust. Under the initiative of Sakya Tashi Choling Trust, Tibetan Youth Club organised mass distribution of rations to 400 daily wagers and 24 Tibetan families during the initial phase of the lockdown.

Tibetan individuals as well have pledged their support and contributed in their own capacities.

Yuthok Tenzin, a resident of Gangtok settlement distributed relief aid of Rs 3500 each to 34 destitute Tibetan households in the settlement through the facilitation of Tibetan Youth Club.

Local Tibetan women donated food supplies worth Rs 30,000 to two Tibetan Old People’s Homes.

Buddha Dharma Centre in Sikkim has also distributed food relief packages worth two lakh rupees benefitting 200 needy families.

The Settlement office has also supported two distressed families during the lockdown period and provided them with food relief worth Rs 10,000. Destitute Tibetans in the settlement have been provided food relief packages worth 42,000.

As per the guidelines and directives of the CTA  Task Force for COVID-19, 247 elderlies above the age of 65 have been provided with the SORIG immune boosters. Under the joint initiative of the Settlement Office and the Mentsee Khang, Rinchen Rilsung pills were distributed to 9724 individuals, primarily Tibetans in the community.

Four Tibetan returnees presently undergoing quarantine are being provided SORIG Tibetan medicines to boost physical and mental immunity through the local Mentsee Khang.

In addition to the relief efforts and health practices to tackle the COVID-19, the Gangtok Tibetan community led by the Settlement Office have also been observing prayers prescribed by the Department of Religion and Culture, CTA for the speedy resolution to the COVID crisis

Read the report filed in Tibetan by the Gangtok Settlement Office here.