Home Department Provides Relief to Nomads in Duchik, Ladakh following Livestock Epidemic

After receiving information about a livestock epidemic in Duchik nomadic settlement, the Department of Home reached out to the Chief Representative’s Office in Ladakh to assess the situation.

Between 4 and 23 July, 704 livestock have perished due to an illness causing severe difficulties to the nomadic families. As emergency relief, the Department of Home under authorisation from the Kashag, immediately disbursed two lakh rupees for the affected families.

The nomad settlement in Duchik has eight Tibetan families with a total of 3500 goats and sheep. The disease has struck the livestock of seven Tibetan families. The total death of the livestock has increased to 973 at the last count on 26 July.

Report filed by Department of Home

Goats and sheep killed by the disease in Duchik, Ladakh.

Number of animals killed