His Holiness the Dalai Lama resumes the Manjushri cycle of teachings, gives empowerment

Bodhgaya: As part of the three-day teachings on the Manjushri cycle of teachings, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave the permission of a deity called Jetsunma Nakmo.

Burmese monks conducted a recitation from the ‘Mangala Sutta’ in Pali. A group of monastics and laypeople from Russia, several of them from Tuva, declaimed the ‘Heart Sutra’ in Russian and were followed by a mixed group of monastics and laypeople who chanted it again in English.

While His Holiness undertook the preparatory procedures, His Holiness asked the devotees to recite the ‘Twenty-one Praises to Tara’ and the ‘Mig-tse-ma’ prayer.

“I’ve already explained generating the awakening mind of bodhichitta and taking the bodhisattva vows over the last couple of days,” His Holiness said. “Bodhisattvas out of compassion observe sentient beings. They have the courage and determination to liberate beings across the expanse of space from suffering and bring them happiness, finally leading them to Buddhahood.

“Bodhichitta is the ultimate source of all good things. Propelled by wisdom bodhisattvas aim for enlightenment. So, if you wish to make your life meaningful, cultivate bodhichitta. As it is said, “I shall generate the mind of awakening to fulfil the interests of myself and others.” Buddhas of the past have become enlightened on the basis of bodhichitta, those of the present are doing so in the same way, and this is what Buddhas of the future will also do.

“With the thought, “I will generate the supreme mind of bodhichitta”, evoke the altruistic aspiration for enlightenment in your mind. Remember, just having a good heart and the thought to help others is not enough. You need to pledge to engage in the practices of bodhisattvas. The main practice is to restrain your selfish motives, as we say when we recite the ‘Six Session Guru Yoga’,

From this moment on, without any sense of a loss
I send forth my body, and likewise my wealth,
And my virtues amassed throughout the three times
In order to help all beings, my mothers.

“And as Shantideva writes in his ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’,

Now while you are free to act
Present an ever-smiling countenance.
Rid yourself of scowling, wrathful frowns,
And be a true and honest friend to all.

“Gods, nagas, yakshas and so forth should all generate such a mind. Being actively warm-hearted, you’ll be equipped to create a loving, peaceful world. With bodhichitta you’ll complete your collection of merit and purify all negativities. Determine to engage in the practice of bodhisattvas by renewing your bodhisattva vows on a daily basis.

“Cultivating bodhichitta with courage and a sense of inner delight will bring you temporary and lasting happiness. Life after life be determined to help sentient beings. Be a source of sustenance for them as are the earth, water, fire, wind, herbs, and wild forests. In short, have the courage to work for others.”

Before the occasion came to an end, a representative of the Great Prayer Festival Committee announced that following His Holiness’s advice they would make a donation to the UNHCR. Events concluded with a recitation of the ‘Prayer of the Words of Truth’. His Holiness then drove by car from the teaching ground back to the monastery.

Sourced from dalailama.com.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama leads the three-day teachings and permissions from the Manjushri cycle of teachings at Kalachakra teaching ground, Bodh Gaya, 5 January 2020. Photo/Pasang Dhondup/CTA

Senior monastics including Sakya Trizin greeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the conclusion of the second day of the Manjushri cycle of teachings.