All Communities in Bomdila Celebrate 86th Birthday of H.H. the Great 14th Dalai Lama

Bomdila: All the community Leaders from Bomdila joined together to celebrate 86th Birthday of H.H Dalai Lama at Thubchog Gatsel Ling Monastery. The celebration was organized by H.H the Dalai Birthday Celebration Committee along with TSO, Bomdila. The celebration was attended by H.E Guru Tulku Rinpochoe of Thubchog Gatsel Ling Monastery and Khen Rinpochoe of Gontse Gaden Rabgyal Ling monastery at Bomdila. The honorable MLA, Shri Dongru Siongju also attended the celebration as chief guest along distinguished dignitaries like Shri. R.K Khrimey ji, the president of Tibet core group, Shri Karma Leki, the D.C of Bomdila, Shri. Tseten Chambey, the president of all Tawang Youth congress, Mr. Chisa Tselha, coordicnator cum office secretary from TSO, Bomdila. Shri. Sang khando, the A.D.C of Bomdila, Shri Wangdu Dorjee Khrimey ji, the regional resident of BTSM and many other distinguished public leaders of different communities in and around Bomdila. At end of the program, all the dignitaries joined hands together to do plantation of 200 saplings of different types of trees at three different locations.

The Committee has distributed Horlics proteins to COVID-19 Patients as a part of celebration program and TSO, Bomdila has also distributed masks to public and to COVID-19 patients and also donated 6 sets of PPEs and 4 face shields to district Hospital through D.C. office.

All the SOPs have been maintained while celebrating the Birthday anniversary.

  • Report filed by TSO Bomdila

Chief Guest H.ble MLA. Shri Dongru Siongju ji

Shri R K Khrimey ji

Guru Tulku Rinpoche

Khen Rinpoche Dhondup Tsering