Integrated Settlement Development Plan (ISDP)

The Integrated Settlement Development Plan (ISDP) is part of the Central Tibetan Administration’s efforts to strengthen self-reliance and resilience of the Tibetan people to secure the sustainability of Tibetan settlements in the long run. It is a bottom-up process of addressing the developmental needs of the Tibetan communities all over. This is where the community resolves to bring a development which brings about holistic development by integrating key sectors to build Tibetan settlement resilient and viable enough to face the challenges of the 21st century while adhering to core values of Tibetan culture and traditions.

ISDP’s Training of Trainers (ToTs) at three regional zones in Dharamshala, Salugara and Bylakuppe covering all Tibetan settlements in South Asia were conducted participating Settlement Officers and Community Mobilizers. The purpose of this training is to impart the best tools and techniques in the field of participatory developments. The training will not only make the participants familiar with the techniques but also equip them with the ability to adapt their knowledge of the ground situation with the techniques of PNA to bring out best intended results for the ISDP. It begins with mapping of Tibetan settlements with the help of various stakeholders to understand the core aspirations of the common Tibetan. The PNA training is vital as comprehensive vision for a common future cannot be created without understanding the aspirations of the public.

After regional trainings were completed, basic information about settlement conditions were gathered and used to select pilot settlements in which to begin the PNA process. In Financial Year 17, four settlements in India and one settlement in Nepal were selected to conduct PNA process; the remaining settlements will cover in next four years.

The ISDP is funded by the USAID under the Tibetan Self-Reliance and Resilience (TSRR) Program towards upliftment and development of the livelihood of Tibetan people. Total project cost ₹ 2041 Lakh.

Many of the completed projects carried out ongoing projects under this section in different Tibetan Settlements can be can be found in these respective links given here.