Planning & Development section

This section is comprised of one section head and six other subordinate staff, with two each dedicated staff for Integrated Settlement Development Plan Program (ISDP) and Workforce Information System Program (WFIS)


  • To develop new or restore existing infrastructures in the Tibetan settlements such as shelters, community halls, offices, roads, electricity etc. to improve quality of life and to foster societal development.
  • To promote and implement socio-economic development programs to improve the financial self-reliance of individuals in exile Tibetan settlements.
  • To maintain and to timely update the exile Tibetan population database


  • Making timely visits to discuss with the settlement officers, community leaders and beneficiaries to understand the socio-economic needs of the settlements.
  • To review, scrutinize, evaluate and finally appraise the settlement projects to Core Development Committee (CDC) and Tibetan Parliament in Exile (TPiE) for implementation approval.
  • To raise necessary funding for projects that are duly approved by the CDC and TPiE.
  • Conducting, monitoring, evaluation and reporting to the doctors regarding the project status.
  • To maintain socio-economic based Tibetan exile population database and to improve the overall database system to make it render a true real-time data.

General suggestions:

  • To categorize, classify and digitalize all Kashag rules and regulations, notices etc. that are easily accessible for reference on screen.
  • Digitalize Charkoe Katrol (Planning approval), Kashag Katrol (Kashag’s approval) and Ngoentse Katroel (Budget approval) system of CTA.
  • Digitalize noting system and save to secure drive in month and section-wise.
  • Digitalize incoming letter and signing system with fingerprint scan.
Socio-Economic development of settlements in India:
  • Housing:

    •  New Constructions
    •  Renewal
  • Renewable Energy:

    • Solar
    • Wind mill
    • Bio Gas
  • Roads and Bridges:

    • New Constructions
    • Renovations