Co-operative Section:

Since the inception of Tibetan settlements the most urgent needs at that time was a long term rehabilitation and sustainable development of Tibetan settlement. In the view of growing importance of sustainable development of Tibetan settlements, the cooperative movement was started in all the Tibetan settlements. Each settlement registered a Co-operative Society under their respective State Co-operative Societies Act, to support their members in various aspects such as supplying of agriculture inputs, marketing of agriculture produces and handicraft providing financial assistance, safeguarding of shareholders deposit and generating of employment opportunities.

The first Tibetan co-operative society was registered in April 1963 in Dharamshala. Since then 14 more cooperative societies were formed and registered in the major Tibetan settlements across India in 9 States. Ever since its establishment till 2004, Department of Home – CTA took direct responsibilities to look after every aspects of activities in accordance bye-law of the societies. The Tibetan Co-operative have served as the foundation of the rehabilitation and sustainability of the Tibetan settlements in Exile. The need to bring all the Tibetan Cooperative societies functioning under one apex body in the form of federation was felt indispensable. With the support from Central Tibetan Administration, the first general body of Tibetan Cooperative societies was legally registered on 20th April 2005 under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002, as “Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India Ltd.” (FTCI), to ensure and accomplish below vision:

  1. To make endeavor toward archiving viable and sustainable Tibetan settlements.
  2. To strengthen and to provide assistance to member cooperative societies.
  3. To strive for attaining sustainable markets for the products of member co-operative societies.
  4. To generate employment opportunities for Tibetan youth and to develop human expertise.
  5. To focus on diversification and to improve the infrastructure.

Today, the 15 Tibetan Co-operative run more than 150 units, of these units, the agriculture input unit, which is of prominent importance, is engaged in the supply of fertilizers, urea and seeds to farmers on credit. Co-operative also purchase agriculture produce from farmers in lieu of the agriculture inputs earlier provided to them on credit. The produce is then stored in warehouse and sold to big companies when price rise.

These co-operative societies also run tractor section in order to help farmers plough their farm land, transport the crops from the farm to their home and shell corn. In addition, most of the co-operatives run tractor workshop stations, which provide repair services to tractors owned by the co-operative or individual farmer. Co-operatives provides loan on subsidized interest rate as per state government’s regulations to farmers. Co-operative help in preserving the Tibetan culture and identity by maintaining the unique handicraft practices of Tibet and promote these artifacts among other nationalities.

As per the co-operative act and bye-law, Tibetan co-operatives societies functioning independently without any direct intervention from Department of Home – CTA. However, to ensured long term sustainable development of the societies where given major support are initiated by Co-operative division.

  1. Provide periodic training on capacity building of board members staff of the co-operative societies to upgrade changes on co-operatives functionaries systematic to develop more effectively.
  2. Arrangement of out sourced technical professional to carry out technical feasibility studies of the weaker sections of the societies such as workshop and tractors sections for revival of sustainability in long term.
  3. To review and examine all co-operative societies audit reports and finding and compiling the corrective measure to addressee in parliament committee.
  4. To mobilize the fund for socio-economical developmental projects.
  5. To provide revolving loans on subsidized interest rate for the sick societies.
  6. Development of farm mechanization sector to support to buy improved agriculture farm machinery like tractors, implements and tools.
15 Cooperative Societies under FTCI India Ltd.
S# Cooperative Name Regd. Nos: Location
1 Tibetan Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., Lugsung Samdupling ARM/1492/1963-64 Bylakuppe, K.S.
2 Tibetan Dickey Larsoe Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., ARM/1528/1969-70 Bylakuppe K.S.
3 Tibetan Rabgayling Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., ARM/1890/1971-72 Hunsur, K.S.
4 Dhondenling Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. ARM/3237/1974-75 Kollegal, K.S.
5 Doeguling Tibetan Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. ASR/527/1967 Mundgod, K.S.
6 Multi-purpose Tibetan Co-operative Society Ltd., Phuntsokling J.No. 1366 Odisha
7 Phendeling Tibetan Refugee Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd. ARAPR/1377/1967 Mainpat, Chattisgarh
8 Tibetan Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd., Gothangaon BHD/RSR-109 Bhandara, Maharashtra
9 Dhargyeling Tibetan Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd. Coop(G)45/79 Tezu, A.P.
10 Choepheling Tibetan Service Co-operative Society, Miao Coop(G)-143/70 Miao, A.P.
11 Tenzingang Multi-purpose Tibetan Co-operative Society Ltd. Coop(ORG)25/86 Tenzingang, A.P.
12 Sonamling Tibetan Refugee Service Co-operative Society Ltd. L/71/TRSCS Leh, Ladalk
13 Darjeeling Tibetan Refugee Co-operative Collective Farming Society Ltd. No. 7 of 27.1.1966 Sonada, W.B.
14 Kunphenling Tibetan Co-operative Society Ltd. No. 86/78 Ravangla, Sikkim
15 Tibetan Handicraft Co-operative Society Ltd., Dharamshala 315/69 Dharamshala
( NOTE: These details were received from Mr. Tsering Dorjee (Uncle) on 20-Dec-2018 for Nangsi’s Powerpoint Presentation at T-Building. )
19 Tibetan Handicraft Societies
S# Society Name Regd. Nos. Locations
1 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Dalhousie, H.P.    
2 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Shimla, H.P.    
3 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Bir Tibetan Society, H.P.    
4 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Bir Nangchen, Bir    
5 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Bir Dege, Bir    
6 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Puruwala, Sakya    
7 Paonta Cholsum Tibetan Handicraft Society, Paonta    
8 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Pandoh, Mandi    
9 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Tashiling Sonada    
10 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Dolanji, H.P.    
11 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Kamrao, H.P.    
12 Rajpur Tibetan Women’s Handicraft Society, UK    
13 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Kham-Katok, Sataun    
14 Tibetan Handicraft Society, Dekyiling, Dehradun    
15 Tashijong Tibetan Handicraft Society, Bir    
16 Jwalakhel Phuntsokling, Nepal    
17 Jwalakhel Samdupling, Nepal    
18 Pokhara Tashiling, Nepal    
19 Tashi Palkhiel, Nepal