Organic research and training centre

A Brief Introduction:

With approval and sanction from the state Government in favour of the appeal mad by the farming section of Tibetan Cooperative Society Bylakuppe about the need of land for self reliant occupation, which was promoted by then district administration in 1970, a large area of land measuring 90 acres was allotted. Since the cooperative Society undertook the responsibility to sustain the farming activities. However, in view of the nature of the farming, activities connected with the farmers and consideration, the Department of Home-CTA came forward to continue the agriculture whose primarily objective to provide adequate technical support for the farmers on the heel of taking over estates from SOS TCV Bylakuppe on 25th August, 1999.

Since the formation of new policy by the Department of Home-CTA in 2002, which encourages farmers in our community to gradually switch over to organic farming and to follow the natural system of cultivation. The farmers have implemented the policy by strictly using the natural fertilizers. And in view of keeping with names of this project, the old name Tibetan Farm Project has been renamed by Department of Home as Organic Research & Training Centre.

With the decision to bring all the administrative affair and projects of the units under the purview of Central Tibetan Relief Committee, this Centre is having 4 permanent and 4 temporary staff to carry out the Organic Farming.

Organic farming activities carried out in ORTC

  • With prime aim of conducting research and development on various crops through organic way, it has land distribution system in following categories.
    Cultivation Area Crops
    Annual crop & vegetables 35 acres Wet land & dry land paddy, Ragi, Soyabean, Turmeric, Green Gram, Black gram, Cowpea, Pumpkin, Groundnut, Maize, Pigeon pea, vegetables etc.
    Plantation crop & Orchards 3 acres Coffee, Coconut, Black pepper, Mango, Jack fruit etc.
    Grazing & Plantation Land 20 acres 350 Coconut trees
    Timber & Energy Farming 19 acres Silver Oak and Pongamia
    Medicinal & Aromatics, Azolla for Cattle Feeds 1 acre Citronella, Lemon grass, Tulsi, Brahmi, Insulin, Piper longam, Rosemary, Stevia, Aloe vera, Guduchi etc.
    Fodder Cultivation 4 acres Napier grass, Para grass, Ginny grass etc
    Reserve Forest 2 acres
    Roadss & Infrastructures 6 acres
    TOTAL 90 acres
  • Research is carried out on various kinds of farming practice and ideal way to initiate dairy farming. Since organic farming practice and cattle rearing must go hand in hand, all the 40 cattle’s are bred through organic system.
  • Different kind of compost and vermi compost production have been given importance owing to main recipe for conducting successful organic farming practices.
  • Training and demonstration from time to time to our Tibetan people in exile community and local people with a lot of interest in farming about the diverse methods of organic farming
  • Seed saving program and seed collected from the organic farming yield are being stored or saved.
  • As a crusader against environmental pollution, we have initiated the plantation drive to sustain soil and water conservation and to restore the required fertility of the soil.

Facilities available at the Center:

  • Training hall cum hostel to accommodate trainees and farmers for the about 40 people.
  • Oil extraction machine for groundnut, sunflower, coconut, mustard etc.
  • Pulses processing machine (de-husk and split)
  • Retreat house
  • Mini milk processing flour machine

Plan of Action on priority bases:

  • To look into the possibility of setting up a centre with adequate facilities for organizing research and training on diverse ways of organic farming and annual husbandry.
  • As per the policy adopted by the Govt on following the organic programme and achieving its target, the center here will make no stone unturned to make best contribution.
  • An effort will be made to follow the practice as designed by farm culture.
  • Thorough research on traditional farming practice in Tibet and compiled information will be used to motivate the younger generation.
  • Need for financially independent and self-reliant so that it can cover all its expenses.



Head Office:

Department of Home
Central Tibetan Administration
P.O. Dharamshala – 176215
Distt. Kangra,
Himachal PradeshTel: 91-1892-222214/222412
E-mail: [email protected]

Branch Office:

Organic Research & Training Centre,
P.O. Bylakuppe – 571104,
Distt. Mysore,
Karnataka StateTel: 91-08223-258493/258783
E-mail: [email protected]