New Military Education Camps For Tibet’s Youth Constructed in Nyingtri

Free Tibet

3rd August 2021

Targeted programmes are aimed at students aged from eight to 16

New targeted military camps for the younger generation of Tibetans have been established in Nyingtri (Ch:Linzhi), the southeastern Tibetan region across the border from Arunachal Pradesh in India. They appear to have been constructed in early 2021, according to Chinese state media reports. These military-style facilities, which provide training for Tibetan youth during school holidays, were constructed in an already heavily militarised border region.

Chinese state media reported that these centres are crucial steps in providing national defence education for Tibet’s youth to inculcate patriotism, love for China and the spirit of defending national borders. Within a short space of time, children staying at the camp are given a crash course in military discipline, including military drills and physical activities. The state media report stated that the purpose of the centre was “…to increase the spirit of patriotism and defending the nation, increase physical strength, inculcate mental strength and stamina, and also to increase the spirit of unity among the children“.

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