Local Government in Gansu Shuts Down Tibetan Temple, Evicts Monks, Nuns

By Qiao Long, Xiaoshan Huang, and Chingman for Radio Free Asia.
The monks and nuns have protested being forced to return to secular life, according to video clips posted to social media sites.

Authorities in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu have forcibly shut down a Tibetan monastery in the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, evicting the monks and nuns by force, RFA has learned.

Monks at Hongcheng monastery, also known as the Yulingta monastery, are shown in videos of the incident holding up banners that read “Forcible defrocking of monks is illegal and unacceptable!” and other protest slogans.

Videos also showed monks sitting on the roof of the monastery shouting down at a group of unidentified people on the ground.

Nuns wailed in mourning at being made to leave, while others shouted “Stop this! Stop this!” and “Film everything! Let’s jump!”

An employee who answered the phone at the Yongjing county ethnic minority and religious affairs bureau declined to comment when contacted by RFA on Monday.

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