China making Tibet dumping ground for toxic waste, not providing resources to protect ecosystem

ANI-29 December 2021

Washington [US], December 29 (ANI): The Chinese Communist Party is exploiting Tibet by making the region a dumping ground for toxic waste and has failed to provide the area with the resources needed to protect its fragile ecosystem and unique biome, said a report.

The CCP’s wanton disregard for Tibet is evident from the rapid industrial projects implemented in the region over the past several decades. Even Beijing’s recent white paper on Tibet barely bats an eyelid when when it comes to environmental protection, mentioning only some small-scale projects in a few Tibetan cities, said Providence US-based journal.

The Tibetan Plateau is the world’s highest geographic area, with an average altitude of 14,370 feet (4,380 meters). Since its glaciers contain more frozen water than anywhere else in the world except for the Artic and Antarctic polar caps, Tibet has been dubbed the “Third Pole”, the American publication said. Click here to read more.