A Training Program on Sustainable and Futuristic Production Practices in Black Pepper at ICAR-IISR, Karnataka

On March 19, 2024, ICAR-IISR’s regional station at Appangala, organized a one-day farmer training program sponsored by the Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. The program aimed to educate black pepper planters on sustainable and futuristic production practices in black pepper cultivation. Approximately 130 farmers (Local) from the districts of Kodagu and Coorg attended the training, along with 4 Tibetan farmers from the Lugsam Tibetan Settlement.

The training focused on imparting knowledge about Good Agricultural Practices essential for the sustainability of black pepper cultivation. Participants received comprehensive training on sustainable methods tailored to black pepper cultivation. Additionally, ICAR supported the participants by providing high-yielding black pepper materials in the form of saplings. Each participant received 5 saplings with the intention of encouraging them to propagate more saplings from the provided materials, thereby increasing the adoption of high-yielding varieties in the region.

This initiative aimed not only to educate farmers but also to provide them with tangible support in the form of resources to enhance their productivity and contribute to the sustainability of black pepper cultivation in the region.

Figure 1- Trainers are presenting a lecture on black pepper cultivation.
Figure 1- Farmer's beneficiaries along with AEO during a visit to ICAR-Indian Institute of Spicies research for training