Project completion report on TLJC, Southern Region, Bylakuppe (Karnataka State)

1. Project: Tibetan Local Justice Commission Southern Region, Bylakuppe Office and staff quarter renovation project. The renovation work at Tibetan Local Justice Commission, Southern Region was a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving the working and living conditions at office and staff quarters. They have a total of 5 staff quarters and an office and hearing hall viz Installation of roofing, staff quarters and office interior renovation work, Bathroom renovation, Justice commissioner room, Paints work, Carpenter work etc.
2. Financially supported by respected Donor Deutsche Tibethilfy e.V German Aid to Tibetains (Germany) through Central Tibetan Relief Committee, Department of Home, CTA Dharamsala project fund a sum of INR 24,31,060/-.
3. Project started from 7th June 2023 to 21st November 2023 (6 months duration).
Acknowledgement: This renovation work has successfully transformed the facility at Tibetan Local Justice Commission into modern and safe space that benefits all the present and future staff of the Tibetan Local Justice Commission, Southern Region in access to facilities.
Both Tibetan Local Justice Commission, Southern Region and CTRC would like to express our utmost gratitude to the GAT for their unwavering support throughout this project.