Dobhi Palrabling RCC retaining wall project completion report

Project Title:  Construction of RCC Retaining Wall
Funded By:  TAWS, CTA Dharamsala
Project Location: Dobhi Palrabling Tibetan Settlement
Project Total Cost:  Rs: 8,094,153/-
Beneficiary Contribution: 404,708/-
Project Duration:
Starting Date:  12th April 2024, Completion Date: 17th June 2024


The construction project of RCC retaining wall at Dobhi Palrabling Tibetan settlement was approved in the budget proposal of 2024-2025 financial year. The project was commenced on 12th April with a total budget of Rs 8,094,153/- out of which 5% on total project value Rs 404,708/- was born by stakeholders (beneficiary Contribution) and remaining amount Rs 7,689,445/- was funded by the Tibetan Administration’s Welfare Society (TAWS) through Department of Home. After the approval, the project committee consisting of six members passed a resolution towards the construction of RCC retaining wall at Dobhi Palrabling Tibetan settlement and has mutually decided to appoint contractor Chandan Premi to carry out the project based on lowest tender submission. A legal agreement was signed between the contractor and Settlement officer on behalf of TAWS.


The construction of new RCC retaining wall adjoins the already existing wall. The main objective of constructing the RCC retaining wall is to protect and cover entire Settlement from frequent occurrence of flash flood which have caused damage to residential properties and put lives in danger. The embankment construction aims to retain water, prevent flooding from overflowing and protect the settlement from future flash floods.


The RCC retaining wall construction at Dobhi Tibetan Settlement is a highly constructive project for the community as it is located near the Beas River. Especially, it prevents overflowing of flash flood and is effective in protecting the colony during the rainy season. A total of 100-meter length with 5-meter height of RCC retaining wall has been constructed. The people of our community feel much safer than earlier they used to be. It has retained backfill and maintains a difference in elevation of the site area. This project has achieved tremendous success in relieving our most concerning issue and our people have witnessed the ongoing progress until the completion of this project. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to TAWS, for financing and coordinating this project respectively.