Sonamling Tibetan Settlement purchased a vehicles:

 1. Project Title: Office Vehicle Cum Multipurpose car Ladakh CRO Office
2. Location: Sonamling Tibetan Settlement Ladakh
3. Start & completion dates: FY 2024-2025
4. Office/Departmental Contribution: Sale of Old Vehicle 5 Lakh-
5. Total Budget Rs 26,74,610.00
6. Amount Received  Rs. 24,316,369.00
7. Executing section/officer: Tibetan Settlement Officer and Project officer & Accountant
8. Implementing partner/office: Department of Home & CRO Office


Details of Report: Inauguration of New Office Vehicle at Ladakh Tibetan Settlement Office

  1. Introduction: On 29 May, the Ladakh Tibetan Settlement Office marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of a new Scorpio NZ8L, generously funded by Deutsche Tibethilfy e.V German Aid to Tibetans. This project aimed to enhance office operations and facilitate official welfare activities. The inauguration ceremony coincided with the auspicious day of Lhakar, adding cultural significance to the event.
  2. Inauguration Details: The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Dhondup Tashi, Chief Representative Officer of the Sonamling Tibetan Settlement Office. It took place at the CRO Campus compound and was attended by distinguished guests, including the executive secretaries of the Tibetan Health Care Centre and Leh Mentsekhang, the Secretary of the Tibetan Cooperative Society Ladakh, and all office staff members.
  3. Purpose and Scope: The newly acquired office vehicle is intended primarily for official welfare purposes. With the geographical spread of responsibilities, the office identified the need for efficient movement to 12 camps in Leh and 9 locations in the Jangthang area. The vehicle will facilitate official tours and visits, particularly to remote areas, covering distances exceeding 400 kilometers.
  4. Impact and Benefits: The introduction of the new office vehicle is expected to yield several benefits, including:
  • Improved mobility for official delegates: The vehicle will enable seamless travel to various locations, enhancing the efficiency of official duties.
  • Enhanced maintenance and upkeep: With a dedicated vehicle for official use, the office can ensure proper maintenance, extending the vehicle’s lifespan and optimizing operational costs.
  • Greater outreach and accessibility: Access to remote areas, such as Jangthang, will be significantly improved, allowing for increased engagement with local communities and addressing their welfare needs effectively.
  1. Future Plans: Moving forward, the office is committed to utilizing the new vehicle effectively for official purposes. Plans include regular maintenance schedules to uphold its functionality and exploring opportunities for community outreach programs in remote areas.

Conclusion: The inauguration of the new office vehicle represents a significant step towards enhancing the operational capabilities of the Ladakh Tibetan Settlement Office. With the support of Deutsche Tibethilfy e.V German Aid to Tibetans. The office is poised to serve the Tibetan community more efficiently, ensuring their welfare and well-being. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Heide Meyer and the entire team of the German Aid to Germany and for their unwavering support and timely allocation of the budget for this urgent project.

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CRO Office, Ladakh Sonamling