Construction project of Old Age Home, Chauntra, HP – 175032 – May 2023


This site report provides an overview of the progress and activities carried out at the Old Age Home ChAuntra Construction Project site on Jan 2023. The report covers the key aspects of the site, including safety measures, work completed, challenges encountered, and upcoming tasks.



  • Weather: The weather conditions were favorable, with clear skies and a moderate temperature of average approximately 28 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperature on 38 degrees Celsius, Rain on May 28th, 30th, 31st and 1st
  • Site Access: All entry and exit points were functional, allowing smooth access for workers and construction vehicles.
  • Safety:



  • Concrete Pouring: Concrete pouring for the roof floor was successfully completed, following the approved mix design and quality
  • Structural Steel Installation: Steel beams and columns were installed on the roof floor, providing roof truss structural support for the upcoming

Electrical Rough-in: Rough-in work for electrical wiring and conduits was carried out on the ground and first floors.



Weather: In Chauntra raining season is beginning. While construction in rain is most challenging.



  • Masonry Work: Masonry work for walls and partitions will commence on the first floor, starting from east wing.

Plumbing Installation: Plumbing rough-in work will begin on the ground and first floors, including the installation of pipes and fixtures.



The Old Age Home Chauntra Construction Project site progressed well on June 7, 2023, with significant milestones achieved in brick work, concrete pouring, and structural steel installation. Despite some challenges, the project is on track, and proactive measures have been taken to overcome delays. The upcoming tasks, including masonry work, plumbing installation and electrical installation, are planned to be executed as per the drawing. Regular progress meetings will continue to ensure effective communication and coordination among all construction member involved.