PFA puruwala project completion report

Boundary Wall and Retaining Wall Completion Report


Project Title:  Construction of Retaining Wall and fencing
Funded By:  TAWS, CTA Dharamsala & The Tibet Fund
Project Location: Puruwala settlement office
Project Total Cost:  Rs: 992,380 /-
Project Duration:
Starting Date:  20th April 2024, Completion Date: 19th June 2024

Project Overview:

This report outlines the completion of the boundary wall and retaining wall construction project. The project was undertaken to enhance the security and stability of the premises.

Project Details:

  1. Retaining Wall:

– Height: 11 feet

– Length: 80 feet

– Bottom Width: 3 feet

– Material:་Reinforced Concrete

  1. Boundary Wall:

– Height: 4 feet

– Material: Brick/Concrete

– Additional Security: 2 feet barbed wire on top

Construction Phases:

  1. Excavation and Foundation:

– Excavation for the retaining wall foundation.

– Laying of foundation concrete to provide a stable base.

– Reinforcement and formwork setup for retaining wall foundation.

  1. Retaining Wall Construction:

– Erection of formwork for the 11-feet high retaining wall.

– Placement of reinforcement bars according to structural requirements.

– Pouring of concrete in layers, ensuring proper compaction and curing.

– Smooth finishing of the retaining wall surface.

  1. Boundary Wall Construction:

– Laying of brick/concrete blocks up to a height of 4 feet.

– Installation of barbed wire supports.

– Fixing of 2 feet barbed wire on top of the boundary wall.

  1. Finishing and Quality Checks:

– Plastering and painting of the boundary wall.

– Inspection and quality checks for structural integrity.

– Final touch-ups and cleanup of the construction site.

Cost Breakdown:

Material Costs:

– Cement, Sand, Gravel: Rs. 4, 45,500

– Reinforcement Bars: Rs. 45,000

– Bricks/Concrete Blocks: Rs. 60,000

– Barbed Wire: Rs. 35,000

   Labor Costs:

– Skilled Labor: Rs. 325,700

  Miscellaneous Costs:

– Soil filling 81,180

Total Project Cost: Rs. 992,380

Completion Date:

The project was successfully completed on 19/06/2024, adhering to the planned timeline and budget.

Project Summary:

The construction of the 80 feet long and 17 feet high retaining wall and boundary wall was completed successfully, providing enhanced security and stability to the new office premises. The walls were built to the specified dimensions and materials, ensuring durability and compliance with safety standards. The total cost of the project amounted to Rs. 992,380, encompassing all material, labor, and miscellaneous expenses.

Prepared by:

Tenzin Namgyal (Mr.)

Puruwala Settlement officer

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