Sataun settlement office and staff quarters roofing project completion


Project Name Roofing of Tibetan Settlement Office and Staff Quarters
Project Location  Kham Kathok Tibetan Settlement , Sataun
Project Manager  Mr. Dhenmatsang Sonam Wangdu
Project Sponsor  TAWS
Actual Start Date 15.05.2024
Finish Date 21.06.2024
Actual Budget 7,63,360.00


Executive Summary

Due to the extreme summer heat, the roofing project will help regulate the temperature in our staff quarters and Tibetan settlement office. This improvement was much needed, especially considering the frequent blackouts during summer, which made working in such conditions very difficult. With the completion of the roofing project, both working during summer and staying in the staff quarters will be much more comfortable. Additionally, the clinic located on the floor below will also greatly benefit from this project, as the Kham Kathok settlement residents regularly visit both the settlement office and the clinic.

Prepared by:

Dhenmatsang Sonam Wangdu (Mr.)

Settlement Officer