Project Completion Report: Renovation and Installation of Tin Sheets on Roof of House No. 24, Puruwala

  1. Executive summary: The renovation of House No. 24, including the installation of tin sheets on the roof- the project initiative of the Sakya Tibetan Settlement Office Puruwala has been successfully completed within the stipulated time frame mentioned in the project agreement. The project aimed to provide a safe living environment, ensuring protection from weather-related damages and improving the confidence and well-being of the family. This report provides an overview of the project objectives, activities performed, challenges faced, and the achieved outcomes.
  2. Project Objective: The primary objectives of the project were:
    Roof Replacement: Install a new tin sheet roof that is durable and weather resistant.
    Structural Repairs: Reinforce and repair structural damage caused by the deteriorated roof. This includes fixing sagging areas, repairing cracks, and ensuring the overall stability of the property.
  3. Activates performed:
    1. Setup an internal project committee
    2. Communicate with contractor and sign agreement for work
    3. Contractor carry out the  constructions works
    4. Submission of report, pictures, and account statements
  4. Challenges Faced: Occupant Disruption: Renovations inherently disrupt the normal functioning of a household. Minimizing the inconvenience to the occupants of House No. 24 required meticulous planning and clear communication to manage expectations and ensure a harmonious collaboration between the construction team and the residents.
  5. Achieved Outcomes: High-quality tin sheets were meticulously installed, offering superior protection against rain, wind, and other environmental factors. The use of durable materials ensures a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance over time. Well plastered kitchen and bedroom wall from outside and repaired boundary wall.
  6. Conclusion: The renovation and installation project for the tin sheet roof of House No. 24 has been successfully completed, resulting in a structurally enhanced and aesthetically improved roofing system. The achieved outcome encompasses a series of significant improvements that have greatly contributed to the overall functionality, durability, and visual appeal of the house.

Project Manager:
Tenzin Namgyal (Mr.)
Settlement officer, Sakya Tibetan Settlement, Puruwala

Condition of the house before renovation -1
Condition of the house before renovation -2
Some Related Photos of the House after the Renovation -1
Some Related Photos of the House after the Renovation -2