Project completion report of Tibetan settlement office construction, Puruwala

Project Final Completion Report

Name of the project: Puruwala Tibetan settlement office construction

A: Project Summary

  • Project Location: Sakya Tibetan Settlement, Puruwala
  • Start and completion date: 01/05/2023 to 30/11/2023
  • Target group: Settlement office
  • Name of the Donor: TAWS
  • Local contribution: Nil
  • Total Project budget: Rs.39,43,238
  • Executing section/officer: Tenzin Namgyal ( Settlement Officer)
  • Implementing partner/office: Department of Home, CTA

B: Background

After parting ways with the Sakya Tibetan Society office in 2012, the settlement office was established in a single room that the society rented. The space was partitioned with plywood to create separate workspaces for the secretary and settlement officer. Following persistent requests from the settlement officer, the CTA finally approved a budget of Rs. 3,943,238 for the construction of the new office. Work commenced on April 25, 2023, with the completion date set as March 31, 2023, as per the MOU.

C: Activities Implemented:

Former settlement officer Mr. Tenzin Lekshey conceptualized the project, and the project proposal was forwarded to Mr. Gelek Jamyang. The current settlement officer implemented the project after TPiE sanctioned it during the budget session 2023-24 of CTA.

  • Orders for the project’s implementation were received through letter no. Pro/2023-24/342 from the Department of Home, CTA. A tender notice was issued on April 4, 2023.
  • The call letter was issued to contractor Mr. Chamel Singh Dhiman based on the quotation he provided for the project.
  • On April 24, 2023, a project agreement was signed with a lump sum payment of Rs. 39, 43,238 following the supplied work sheet and quotation. The project was funded by TAWS through Department of Home, CTA.
  • As per the agreement, the first payment of Rs. 10 lakh was wired to the contractor from TAWS on 03/05/23. The second payment of Rs. 10 lakh was wired on 30/06/23, and the third payment of Rs. 7 lakh was wired on 25/09/23. The fourth payment of Rs. 7 lakh was wired on 10/11/23. The final payment is due upon the submission of the project completion report.
  • The construction of the new office was completed before the deadline, and the project committee inspected the works. We are all satisfied with the work done by the contractor.
  • We also applied for a new meter connection and are in the process of preparing a donor’s nameplate for the office building.

D: Challenges Faced:

The main problem is a lack of experience in implementing big projects. The location of the new office area requires filling up the land almost 9 feet from the ground level to make it even for starting the foundation. During the monsoon, the boundary wall fell down due to the pressure exerted by the soil filling of the office foundation. However, we didn’t face many challenges otherwise, thanks to a good contractor who listened to our concerns and was ready to accept our suggestions.

E: Outcomes/Project result:

After ten years, the Sakya Tibetan Society office and the Settlement office were split apart, and the Settlement officer and secretary were operating out of a rented room that had been partitioned by plywood to provide office space. Thanks to the Department of Home’s acceptance of the project with funding by TAWS and the 17th TPiE’s sanctioning of the project during the budget session 2023-24. Additionally, thanks to the tenacious requests of past settlement officers, we now have a brand-new settlement office.

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Project completion of Puruwala Tibetan settlement office construction-2

Prepared by:

Tenzin Namgyal (Settlement officer)

Tenzin Kunsel (Office secretary cum accountant)