Construction project of Old Age Home, Chauntra, HP – 175032 August 2023


From 4th Aug to 4th Sep 2023, Site report and conducted a site assessment of a 2-story building located at the old age home in Chauntra. During these months site supervision with the old age home. At site labors are working seven days a week from 8:00am to 6:00pm.


Our findings from site supervision are described below. Site photo on Aug 01,2023 (fig.1) and site photo on Sep 04,2023 (fig.2). For curing water is the most important element. To have better results as we request Mr. Mishra ji appointed a person on duty to water all store building 8:00am to 6:00pm.


They have finished plumbing, gray, and wastewater pipelines. Along with the chambers (Fig.3)


They finished the ground and first floor bathroom wall and floor tiles. They have finished all flooring which has tiles and they finished level for synthetic wooden flooring. Tiles grouting is not yet done, and ramp cement tiles are laying (Fig.4).


They finished plastering the first floor and ground floor. Also, they finished exterior and interior plaster are done. They are start plaster for storeroom above puja room (Fig.5) and storeroom near parking.

Metal Roof:

They finished puja room false ceiling and construction of store above puja room, and they finished storeroom roof near parking area (Fig.6).

Rainwater Harvesting Tank:

Rainwater Harvesting Tank (RwHT) has been constructed(fig.7).

Retaining wall and Drainage channel (Nali):

They start constructing retaining wall along with the water channel (Fig.8).

Site Development:

They have started land cutting for road as per instructed Architect office (Fig.9).

Site Activities:

Site visit from CTA, Architect, and contractor on 24th Aug 2023. (Fig.10)

Fig-1 Front façade on 1st Aug 2023
Fig-2 Front façade on 4th Sep,2023
Fig-3 Finished plumbing, gray, and wastewater pipelines. Along with the chambers
Fig-4 Ramp cement tiles are laying
Fig-5 Plaster for storeroom above puja room
Fig-6 Storeroom roof near parking area
Fig-7 Rainwater Harvesting Tank (RwHT) has been constructed
Fig-8 Retaining wall along with the water channel
Fig-9 land cutting for road
Fig-10 Site visit from Architect office and cross check Bills


This report was prepared with information gathered from inspections during construction. As-built drawings and original construction blueprints were made available to us. Construction blueprint, materials, structural analysis of the building were used for this report.