TSO Bhutan carries out extensive COVID-19 preventive measures

As a sign of solidarity with the COVID-19 prevention efforts made by the Bhutan government, a donation of a total amount of 664,258 ngultrum has been donated to the Royal Office of Bhutan by the collective efforts of the settlement people and the settlement leaders. Timely announcements are made to notify of the COVID-19 preventive guidelines received from Home Department and Department of Health respectively.

The Jaigaon Men-tsee-khang branch has helped to provide 2500 rilsung rilbu, out of which 2100 has been distributed free of cost to the settlement people as a preventive measure. Moreover, a total of 171 elderly people above 65 years of age and another 20 people who were put under the quarantine centre have been provided SORIG immune boosters with the kind assistance of Department of Health, CTA. The settlement office has distributed stipend to the listed elderly and student destitute under Department of Home and Department of Education respectively.

Settlement officer distributes dry ration and relief fund to the distressed families

As per the announcement made in May, the one time emergency relief fund of INR 5000 funded by Home Department, CTA has been distributed to a total of 21 people whose livelihood have been threatened due to the outbreak of the pandemic.Dry ration worth 2500 has  been provided to 2 distressed families within the settlement.

Till now, no COVID-19 cases have been recorded within the Tibetan community due to the blessings of His Holiness, along with the timely guidelines received from the Bhutan government and the various facilities provided by the Central Tibetan Administration, as well as strict observance of the COVID-19 preventive guidelines by the people themselves.

The distressed individuals receive Emergency relief fund from Home Department