Shillong settlement officer pays a courtesy call on the Chief Secretary of Meghalaya

Tibetan Settlement Officer, Mr. Tenzin Samten, along with Secretary, Choedon, MenTseeKhang’s branch Doctor Mr. Tenzin Gelek, and representatives of Gaden Choeling Monastery Gen. Sonam Tenpa and Gen. Kunchok Gyatso visited the Shri. Donald Phillips Wahlang, IAS, Chief Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya. The Settlement officer greeted the Chief Secretary and followed up on provisioning help for construction work at the Gadhen Choeling Monastery and providing office space for the MenTseeKhang branch. The Chief Secretary stated, with the State Legislative Assemblies election mounting in Meghalaya in the next month, all the sanctions will be held and will proceed after the first week of March.