Delekling, Solukhumbu


Delekling tibetan settlement was initially established in the year 1960 under the support of international red cross society and Swiss red cross society coordinating with Nepal government. Settlement is located at Chialsa, Dhudhkunda municipality, ward no. 7, Solukhumbu district, Province no. 1. Tibetans are residing scatterred in Zarong Thupten Choeling, Thamo Khari nunnery, Namche bazaar and Khumjung of solukhumbu district falls under the jurisdiction of Delekling Tibetan settlement.

Settlement Location:

This settlement is situated at Chailsa, Solu Khumbu which is located in extreme Northwest of Nepal with an altitude of 2775, meters above sea level. The settlement has an average temperature of 21° Celsius and annual rainfall of 62cms.

Settlement Population

When the settlement was first established there was total population of 525 people.However with the passage of time there is fall in the population of the settlement. This fall in the settlement people is mainly because of the migration of the settlers to the urban areas of Nepal and India. This migration of the settlers is due to the lack of the employment within the settlement.

Settlement Areas:

This settlement has total land areas of 974 ropani (108 acres). The Royal Government of Nepal to rehabilitate the Tibetan refugees allotted this land.



It used to have a day school funded by Tibet Foundation, UK, through the Kathmandu based show Lion Foundation besides the His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. Day school was permanently closed some years ago due to sharp decrease of Tibetan children. Currently most of the Tibetan children from walung admitted to different Tibetan schools (CST,TCV,THF)  in India under the recommendation of settlement office.

Community health Clinic

The settlement has a small health clinic run by a trained community health worker appointed by Department of Health, CTA.


Tashi Chophel Ling, a Gelukpa monastery in settlement, has five resident monks. The monastery has sacred Jangphung Jowa (Buddha from Jangbhug area of Tibet) as its main deity. This protector-deity is believed to prevent wind disasters or wind storms in the area. It is over 900 year old image. However, the monastery has no regular income. The main sources of livelihood of the monks are the offerings or fees they receive through conducting prayer services to the Tibetan families.

Chaktrul Monastery, a Nyingmapa Monastery was built by former Chaktrul Rinpoche has no residential monks following his demise. The monastery is presently managed by the community people.

Administrative setup

Each of the Tibetan refugees’ settlement has one settlement officer, who is appointed by the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala. He is appointed to looks after the welfare of the setters and considered, as the highest authority in the settlement, under him there is camp leader who is elected by the settlers themselves. Settlement officer acts as laison between the Department of Home and settlers. All the information of the settlement is collected and provided by the settlement officer to the Department of Home,Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala.

Delekling settlement is looked after by Shawara Tibetan settlement office which is located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu. It has only one official organization which is called rangden tsokchung and has no any other organization.


Kathmandu to Salleri by Jeep (approx. 9 hrs.) and Salleri to Chialsa on foot (approx. 1.5 hrs.)
Kathmandu to Phablu by flight (approx. 25 min.) and Phablu to Chialsa on foot (approx. 1.5 hrs.)

Settlement Contact Address:

Representative Office
Delekling Tibetan settlement
Chailsa Handicraft Center (Pvt.) Ltd.
P.O. Box No.1 , Salleri
Solu Khumbu Nepal