Bomdila, A.P.


Bomdila Tibetan settlement office was established in the year 1965 with an initial population of around 1000 people. at that time, the Tibetan settlement office was located at the center of bomdila town. bomdila is the capital of west karment district of arunachal pradesh. the settlement office is looking after the welfare of he seven different clusters of localities where scattered refugee families are settled.

Settler’s Livelihood

Most of the settlers were from TSONA and KHATA region of Tibet in 1960’s and almost everyone was a road laborer in Arunachal Pradesh during 1960’s to 1980’s. Later in 1972 when Tengang Tibetan settlement was established, most people moved there to get permanently settled with a total time distance of one hour forty-five minutes away from Bomdila by vehicle.

Around 300 families had chosen to remain in  and around Bomdila town. Eventually those scattered families initiated small businesses like clothing shops, antique shops and restaurants in their respective localities. Younger generations started to join SFF and this trend is still going on. These families have been scattered in seven different localities like Tawang District, Dirang Area, Bomdila Town, Rupa-Gacham and Birpur-Tenga.


Since there are only scattered refugee families under the care of Bomdila Settlment office, we don’t have schools and clinics except Tibetan Mentsee-Khang and there are two Tibetan monasteries. One is Sera je Jamyang Choekhorling located in Tawang and second one is Mon Jonang Tashi Choethang Gong located in Dirang.

Administrative setup

There are elected members of Bhod Rangwang Dhenpe Legul Tsokchung in all localities and these members have been assisting the office with regard to its administrative works and polices whenever such needs arises.


Arunachal Pradesh has two major entering points from the Guwahati city and Tezpur where one can travel by direct bus and small private vans which are available on daily bases and even helicopters are available from Itanagar to Tawang District.