Kunphenling, Karche

Drukarchesa Khunphenling Tibetan settlement was established 1n 1964 and the nearest city to the settlement is Thimbu – the capital city of Bhutan after Dechen Choeling town. During the initial setup of the settlement the Bhtuan government has grant the 40 to 50 acres of land and the land were distributed among the Tibetan refugee families and legally registered on the name of the head of the family.

Settlement Location:

Altitude: 8000 ft or 2400 meters above se level.
Average rainfall: MG 750
Temperature: 25 max and 8.13 min.
No. of village: There is only one village.

Settlement Population

Initial population 375
Present Population 252

Settlers livelihood:

Agriculture is the main stay of the settlement people. Apart from the agriculture, few of the settlers earn there living by small business and taxi driving.

Facilities in the settlement

School Every students of the settlement get admitted in Tibetan boarding school in India with fee concession.
Health facilities Government of Bhutan provides free medical consultant and medicines to the settlers. The Health Department of Central Tibetan Administration reimburse the medical expenditure if any emergency treatments were made in India to the poor settlers.
Monastery: One monastery.

Traveling Guide

Nearest railway station NJP, India 387 Km from settlement
Nearest Air port Paro 67 km from settlement
Bus and taxi services  4 km for settlement