Former Chairman of SAVE TIBET, Austria Ama Sangmo Zimmermann’s 82nd Birthday Celebration

On 22nd Oct Department of Home hosted Ama Zimmermann’s 82nd Birthday celebration at OPH Jampaling, Dharamsala in the presence of amala with her friends and 2 dealing staff of the Department. The celebration began with a traditional butter lamp lighting ceremony which was followed by cake cutting and sharing birthday cake with elders. Every year even on her absent OPH and Department home always celebrate her birthday. Amala overwhelmed to celebrate her birthday with elders this year. She thanked all elders and office for organizing her birthday every year and this year too. She have mentioned that due to her health reason she will not able visit again and this will be her last visit. She also gifted Rs. 100 each for all the elders and staffs of OPH. The celebration concluded with a lunch with staff and elders.

SAVE TIBET an organization founded in 1994, it’s a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Vienna/Austria/Europe. It is a registered association under Austrian law. Only volunteer’s work for them, so they can pass on 100 % of the project related donations and sponsorship contributions to the people and organizations in need. Ama Sangmo Zimmermann has served as former chairman of the organization and has been actively involved in striving for Tibet cause along with her team. Presently under SAVE Tibet organization we have 32 elders getting sponsorship and past 20 year we they have sponsored more than 100 elders.

This year as amala turned 82nd a birthday celebration was hosted as a gesture of thanking amala for her unwavering support and dedication towards the exiled Tibetan community.

Thank you Amala
Celebration Pictures:

* Welcoming Amala with scarf ceremony from elders and staffs of OPH Jampaling, Dharamsala followed by pocket money distribution.

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