Distribution of essential food items by Tibetan Settlement Offices

The Settlement Offices under Department of Home, along with the contributions from monasteries and non-governmental organizations within the settlements have successfully made distribution of rations like rice, pulses, butter, salt, flour and cooking oil to the Tibetan Destitute as well as local Indian Destitute who are currently facing problems with respect to basic necessity like food due to the nationwide lock-down which had rendered them unemployed .

A total of 3184 Tibetan Destitute and 19,645 local Indian Destitute have benefited from the food distribution made by the Tibetan Settlement Offices across India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Detailed list of Food security to Tibetan Destitute by the Tibetan Settlement Offices

Detailed list of  Food security to Local Indian Destitute   by the Tibetan Settlement Offices


Preparation for distribution of fresh fruits by the settlement people.

Distribution of fresh vegetables under process.