Dehradun Tibetans pledge over 7 lakh to CM Coronavirus Relief Fund

Dharamshala: Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, schools, institutions and public of Dehradun have pledged over 7 lakh rupees to ‘CM Coronavirus Relief Fund Uttarakhand’ in support of the state’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by Settlement Officer, representatives of three Tibetan communities in and around Dehradun, handed over the cheque amounting Rs 7,62,275 to Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat.

The Tibetans also collectively distributed rations and food supplies to the poor and needy in Dehradun.

Tibetans in Dehradun distributing ration packages to the poor and needy.

Distribution of ration to Indians in Dehradun.

Distribution of ration to Indians in Dehradun.