Contruction of retaining wall, railing work & ground leveling of Jampaling Old People Home, Dharamsala- funded by The Tibet Fund

Project Completion Report


  1. Project/Program Name: Contruction of retaining wall & railing work, ground leveling of Jampaling Old People’s Home, Dharamsala- funded by The Tibet Fund.
  2. Date of Report: 28th June, 2023
  3. Date / Period of activity: 10th May 2023 to 25th June 2023
  4. Reported by: Department of Home, CTA, Gangchen Kyishong
  5. Specific Activity (briefly describe): Health & Environment sector improvement for the Old People’s Homes under the Department of Home, CTA
  6. Key Result Area/Strategic Objective: To provide health & environmental sector of Old People’s Home under Department of Home, CTA
  7. Implementing Partner(s): Department of Home, CTA
  8. Location: Jampaling Old People’s Home under Department of Home, CTA, Gangchen Kyishong
  9. Total direct beneficiaries, if applicable: 98 elders including 21 elders of OPH Chauntra
  10. Progress or Status Update: With the financial aid from The Tibet Fund, USA, the project of retaining wall & railing construction, and ground leveling work at OPH Jampaling, Dharamsala has been successfully completed by Department of Home CTA. This project benefitted alot Construction of retaining wall has become an immense helpful to prevent soil erosion or landslides during heavy rainfall and railing would keep old people from falling off the sloping road thereby giving a sense of security to the old people. Similarly, ground leveling has also been helpful to ward off the stagnant ditch which caused to spread mud everywhere at the premise. 13 staff and 98 residents of the OPH are fully satisfied and benefitted from this project. We are always indebted to The Tibet Fund for the benevolent support for the needy and old people. We are sure all the concerned of The Tibet Fund are always remembered in the thoughts and prayers of our elders. Total expenses for the project was 724, 600/- including of all the applicable taxes. Project photos are enclosed herewith.
  11. Lessons learned & problem faced if any: N/A
  12. Suggestions for Future Improvement or Corrective Action, if any: N/A
  13. Important Next Steps, if any: N/A
  14. Brief Description of Potential Success story, if any: Elders are enjoying new railing staircase while   going for circumabulation (Kora)
  15. Activity Status: Complete
  16. Any deviation Pick tick (Yes/No), Reason: Nil.