450 Tibetans inoculated in the 2nd Dose vaccination drive in Odisha settlement

Odisha Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement has successfully inoculated around 450 Tibetan people including monks, nuns, students, teachers, staff, and lay people who are above the age of 18 with the 2nd dose of COVIDSHIED on the 21st and 22nd of September, 2021 at Mindroling Monastery based in camp no.4. The second dose of COVIDSHIELD was arranged by the State Government of India exclusively for the Tibetan community coordinated with the help of the Mindroling Monastery and supported by the Menlha Hospital as well as the Tibetan Settlement Office.

The first dose of COVIDSHIELD vaccine was given to 417 Tibetan people on 25th May, 2021 which was co-sponsored by Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche of Mindroling Monastery & Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Menlha Hospital facilitated both the vaccine camps and was able to cover almost entire Tibetan population of the settlement.

Only one COVID-19 case has been registered in the settlement as on 24th September, 2021. Odisha Tibetan settlement has been following the COVID-19 protocols very strictly under the supervision of COVID-19 flying Squad