COVID-19 preventive measures by Lodrik Settlement Office

The settlement office of Lodrik has been executing the necessary preventive measures as per the lock-down guidelines issued by the Government to check the spread of the Wuhan originated COVID-19 pandemic. Sanitization of the settlement is done biweekly and the fever screening is done by the health workers from time to time. Free distribution of face mask for the public was made possible by the Help Tibet organization and settlement office as well. Tibetan medicine facilities were also provided to the elderly and health patients.

The settlement office distributed stipend to the 29 elderly members, 16 special needs individuals, and ex-army destitute funded by Home Department. A relief of INR 5000 was provided to 2 health patients to buy nutritious food by the settlement office.

Dry ration distribution to the elderly members and distressed within the society

Freund Tibet organization through a resident of Pokhra Tashiling has made a generous donation of 60000 to Lodrik Jampaling and 60000 for Paljorling and Tashigang collectively. The total donated amount of INR 120,000 has been evenly distributed to 33 distressed families  within the settlement.  The welfare society of Lodrik donated ration to the public. Six organizations within the settlement have also collectively donated ration to the public. Dolma organization and Lhakpa Dolma from Switzerland have also donated ration to the general public. Quarantine centre with internet facilities have been made possible by the settlement office. No COVID-19 cases have been recorded within the settlement.

Active screening of the public by the health workers