Dolanji Settlement Office carries out the COVID-19 preventive measures

The active screening for signs of COVID-19 symptom is carried out within the monasteries, staff quarters, hostels and the public within the Dolanji settlement by the settlement nurse Lhakpa Bhuti along with help from few volunteers. the report of these screenings are submitted to health department by the settlement office. as per the COVID-19 guidelines, the settlement group leaders have executed sanitization drive within the settlement. the community hall of the settlement has been prepared to serve as quarantine centre with facilities of bed, mattress and pillow for those arriving in the settlement amid lock-down. those arriving from other states are put under due examination. a taxi service facility has been prepared in case of any emergency.

Post lock-down relaxation, four stranded people have reached back and they are being duly examined by the state officials. the settlement office has distributed dry ration worth INR 12900 to 12 distressed individuals. Dry ration includes wheat flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, pulses and eggs. So far there is not a single COVID-19 case within the settlement. The settlement office will remain vigilant and continue to execute the preventive measures against COVID-19.

Settlement Officer distributing dry ration to the distressed
Quarantine Centre prepared with basic facilities