Preventive measures against COVID-19 effectively executed in Tezu Tibetan settlement

The settlement office and the health workers jointly make efforts to fight COVID-19

With the help of the facilities of PPE kit made available by the Health Department, the active screening of a total of 936 public has been done by the settlement nurse and they were also examined for other health problems. As a result of the appeal made to the head of the state district police, the state district hospital has distributed a total of 200 masks, 20 protective face gear and 500 gloves to the settlement. the facility of two police security has been made possible along with two volunteers from settlement for guarding the entrance of the settlement.

Dry ration distributed to the distressed within the settlement

The settlement office has distributed dry ration to 10 distressed within the settlement funded by Home Department. The Pemagopa association has also helped to donate dry ration to few distressed families within the settlement. A separate room has been prepared to serve as quarantine centre by the settlement office to examine those arriving from other settlements.