COVID-19 relief assistance and preventive measures executed in Choejor Tibetan Settlement Office

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic from China, Tibetan settlement office Choejor has been taking necessary measures to contain its spread within the settlement by distributing Rinchen rilsung to all the people with the help of Men-tsee-khang.

The settlement office busy distributing dry ration and relief fund to the people

On 31st march, 2020 some of the organizations within the settlement made a collective effort to distribute dry ration to a total of 5 elderly members, 8 distressed families, 17 special needs individuals and 12 destitute individuals. Another 5 individuals facing rent payment challenges were also provided with money to help them out. The director of Hope and Challenge organization Geshe Sonam Wangchen, has generously donated dry ration to around 400 distressed residents of Choejor and Jolakhel settlement who were facing difficulties as many of them have been rendered out of job due to the pandemic.

The distressed individuals receiving relief assistance

With the help of emergency relief fund made possible by Home Department, CTA a total of 131 recipients have been distributed 8000 each in Nepal currency through the settlement office to help them out of their rent payment or unemployment problems.